About me

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BSc in Computer Science. 7 years of web & cloud development. I have a hunger for new
exciting technologies. I like to meditate on software architecture. Then use the force while implementing it.


Software Engineering: ­ Building software in various languages paradigms and design patterns.
Programming languages are tools, each having their own purpose. I will use / learn the one most
suitable to the current task. Both from technical and business point of view.

Software Architecture

Building software is fun. Architecting it the most exciting part though.
Breaking a goal to multiple building blocks, having them all connected in one system with all parts
working together. There is no greater feeling than when this picture finally “clicks” on your head.


­Today I develop mostly for the cloud. I use PAAS for simple application. And full blown
cloud services (mostly AWS) for the more complex architectures. I aim for fast, reliable and
scalable solutions.


I configure all of the infrastructure I use. AWS makes it relatively easy.


constantly, fast and to the point.