Software Engineer at Stratoscale

September 2014 - Present

Building a private cloud solution based on Open Stack.

Senior Software Engineer at Rewardpod

January 2014 - September 2014 (9 months)

We are a third party service with the main goal of scoring each arriving user with the probability of purchase
in the application.
We have 2 layers.

  1. Applications which serve as data gathering and user acquisition.
    Here I and my team developed highly flexible backbone based front end. Allowing almost per campaign
    customization of both assets and application logic. The entire system is offloaded to s3 and CloudFront to
    provide easy and cheap scalability (aside from the api).

  2. Predictive scoring engine. Our current state.
    Using big data solutions for real time analytics. Statistical analysis for scoring algorithms. As a senior
    developer I’ve been leading a team a research and development, architecting the system. Configuring
    continuous deployment. Managing infrastructure (entirely on AWS). And training team members in required

Code: PHP, Node.js (Express), Backbone.js, HTML, SASS
Databases: Redis, Mysql.
Currently in development: Big data architecture Kinesis + Redshift + various etl services + Redis and more.

Full Stack Developer at Music Lab LTD, Imesh

March 2013 - December 2013

Competitor of Conduit and Babylon. Mother company of Viber. It’s a development house with multiple
products. Like TorchBrowser and Imesh. Here I was part of the web team
organizing BI, software distribution and writing internal campaign management software. One of the more
interesting parts was writing an admin panel supposed to allow our admins easy configuration of Akamai
EDNS and GMS services in an easy unified interface.

Code: PHP, Node.js (Express), Ext.js, Python, Bash, HTML, CSS
Databases: Redis, Memcache, MySQL, MongoDB.

Senior Software Developer at LiveDefinition

March 2012 - February 2014

A platform allowing anyone to create web/mobile/smart-tv video applications with various customizable
templates. Allows monetization with popular payment providers, analytics and more. Also one of the video
delivery methods was third party widgets on sites with ads as monetization.

Code: Python (Django), JavaScript (JQuery, MooTools), HTML, CSS, Java (Spring).
Databases: MySQL,Cassandra, SimpleDB, Memcache, ElasticSearch
Messaging: JMS
Other: AWS was highly utilized.

Software Engineer at KCS Knowledge & Creative Solutions

November 2011 - March 2012

Web studio. Develops websites for clients on demand. Works with opensource technologies. Here I’ve build web system both from scratch and CMS based.

Code: PHP,Python (Django), JavaScript, HTML, CSS
CMS : Wordpress, Drupal, CMSMS, Magento, CsCart and more
Databases: MySQL, Memcache

Software Developer at University of Haifa

September 2011 - March 2012

Development web sites both from scratch and Joomla CMS based


August 2010 - November 2011

Development of on demand software in various languages. Mostly web but desktop as well.